China Office

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Oil Products Department

Main products include Gasoline and Diesel, Aviation fuel, reformates, MTBE, Alkylate, Raffinate oil, MX, C8+, C9+, base oil, light cycle oil, wax oil, and fuel oil. With long term relationship with domestic end users, our business has expanded from south to north, from independent blenders to independent refineries.

To support wide range of clients, we have term leased bonded and non-bonded tank farms in South China and East China.We import wide range of blending components and chemicals into China mostly from producers all over the World.

These import materials are distributed to our Chinese buyers including State Owned Enterprises and independent privately own end users. We also trade China export of petroleum and petrochemical products. Whenever a favourable arbitrage window opens, we are able to seize the chance to export.

Basic Petrochemical department

Main products: Aromatics, Styrene, Ethylene Glycol, Methanol, PX, PTA, PP, PE. Since ZenRock's establishment in 2015, Basic Petrochemical department in Shanghai has gathered excellent talents in the industry and is determined to become an excellent marketing platform of bulk petrochemical products and to provide one-stop, all-round outstanding services to upstream and downstream customers. The powerful sales network can meet the demands from home to abroad including the entire value chain.

R&D Department

Derivatives Trading/R&D Dept was established in ZenRock Shanghai in Y2016. Since then, we have steadily gathered experienced industry talents in macroeconomic and industrial S&D research.The team currently covers all petrochemical products and some agricultural and industrial products which are listed on Shanghai Futures Exchange, Dalian Commodity Exchange, and Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange.

Main products include Aromatics, Styrene, Ethylene Glycol, Methanol, PX, PTA, PP, PE, Rubber, Glass, Soybean and Ferrous metals.Besides providing full ranged research support to internal physical trading teams, we can also provide in-house market analysis, devise hedging solutions to our external trading clients.